AviCreator 1.5

AviCreator will let you create AVI videos from a collection of BMP or ICO files
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AviCreator is a program that will let you create AVI videos from a collection of BMP or ICO files. You will be able to generate a video file, playable in most browsers, from any number of bitmap images or icons that you have saved in any drive. AviCreator allows you to modify the scale and/or rate of the generated AVI video. The program will quickly save the AVI video in the path that you want. The video will present all the images in the same sequence in which you selected them. There will be no transition between the images, one will be replaced by the next one. When the program finishes with the video generation, you can test the result from the program, selecting the "Test AVI" button, or entering the hotkey CTRL-F9. The program will open the default video player that your system uses when playing AVI video files. In brief, AviCreator is a very easy to use free program that is very convenient if you just need to include several bitmaps in a single video. It does not allow to include images from other formats, as GIF or JPG, select different transitions or include music.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It is very easy to use


  • Only allows BMP files to be included
  • It does not allow to choose different transitions or include music
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